DSC_1236_1 by srichard_223
DSC_1236_1, a photo by srichard_223 on Flickr.

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I am surprised that is now 4 months since my original posting to this blog, but life has it’s own twist of fate that put this desire on hold for some time. Fortunately, I am back and so looking forward to sharing my desire and questions to further pursue the types of artwork that I most desire.

From a class I have been pursuing for the last year, I wanted to display a piece of the training that has been worked through.

Life is in a grand state and I am enjoying it well.  I am moving deep into art training, thinking heavily about the eventual bliss to share this learning and imagery with any and every person possible.  Whew!  I am amazed with such opportunity and looking forward to communicate this fun with anyone — in whatever way works best.  This blog is the chance to discuss the fun working so well for me and the art I am moving into with the learning and desires.

I hope to see you all sooner than later…